Huatian takes you to analyze the deviation of the cutter blade


  Cutting machine blade is an important processing link in the production of cardboard boxes, so if there is a deviation of cutting machine blade will directly affect the quality of cardboard, carton products, and even the products produced are waste products.Therefore, we should according to the corrugated board slitter blade common deviation analysis, to reduce the waste products in cardboard box production.
  Slitting machine blade slitting board tail deflection:
  1. Improper adjustment of paper feeding positioning baffle of cutting blade;
  2. The cutting blade has a dull section, which is different from the linear speed of other knives;
  3. Improper adjustment of paper guide wheel of cutting blade;
  4. cutting machine blade feeding improper.
  Cutting machine blade produces rough edges:
  1. cutting machine blade has been blunt, should be polished;
  2. the cutter blade and groove coincide too shallow;
  3. the cutter blade groove is involved in the paper edge, paper wool, should be cleaned before starting;
  4. cutting machine blade groove clearance is too large, generally not more than 2.5mm is appropriate.
  The indentation line of the cutter blade is easy to break:
  1. Inferior base paper;
  2. The pressure line is too deep.
  Cutting machine blade indentation line is not straight:
  1. The pressure line of the cutter blade is too shallow, and the broken line is uneven, which affects the beauty of the box;
  2. cutting machine blade feed deviation;
  3. The upper and lower pressure line wheels of the cutter blade are not adjusted.
  The cutting edge of the cutter blade is not vertical:
  1. cutting machine blade frame Angle is not correct;
  2. cutting machine blade is not in the center of the groove;
  3. cutting machine blade grinding edge.