Huatian tells you how to choose the correct cutter blade


  Cutting machine blade is an important part in the cutting machine equipment, mainly according to the technical requirements of the large rolling material is divided into different specifications of small ring material.Cutting machine blade selection is not appropriate, not according to the choice of mechanical configuration, will not meet the requirements of cutting index products, cutting materials will produce rough edges and produce a large number of cutting powder chips.Not only will reduce the precision and speed of cutting, consumption of raw materials, but also easy to cause cutting blade service life shorter, increased production costs.
  1. There are two main ways of cutting circular knives: upper and lower disk cutter cutting and circular cutter extrusion cutting.Circular cutting is the main way of cutting thick film, composite thick film, paper and other materials.It is recommended to use a circular cutter to cut the film thickness of the cutting material above 100um.
  2. Upper and lower disk slicing blade is widely used, mainly including tangential slicing and non-tangential slicing.Tangential cutting refers to the material cutting from the tangential direction of the upper and lower disk knives, which is more convenient for the cutter. The upper disk knife and the lower disk knife can be connected and adjusted according to the requirements of the cutting width.Its disadvantage is that the material is prone to drift at the cutting point, so the accuracy is not high, now generally not used.Non-tangent cutting is the material and under the disc knife some Angle, under the disc knife fell, cut the material.This cutting method can make the material is not easy to drift, cutting precision is high.But the tool is not very convenient, under the disc knife installation, need to remove the whole shaft.The circular cutter is suitable for cutting thick composite film and paper.
  3. Rotary cutter extrusion cutting is not common in the application field of the industry. It is mainly composed of pneumatic cutting cutter which is synchronous with material speed and has envelop Angle with material, bottom roller and convenient adjustment.This way of cutting can be divided into thinner plastic film, but also can be divided into thicker paper, non-woven cloth, etc., is a more convenient way of cutting, cutting machine is also a development direction of the way of cutting.
  4. in the choice of cutting machine blade should be suitable for the machine blade, some users are always one-sided objective pursuit of foreign blades, but ignore their models should be matched with the blade.In the absence of a clear distinction between the use of blades and their own purposes, it is assumed that only foreign blades are good, durable blades.In fact, no matter foreign or domestic, only conducive to the application of products, is the appropriate blade.
  5. the advantages and disadvantages of the cutting machine blade is relative, the cutting effect of the blade is the key to the application.For example, improper application of foreign blades will not lead to good results, while reasonable application of domestic blades will lead to good results.