Huatian takes you to analyze the characteristics of zirconia ceramic knife


  Sharp, do not need sharpening knife, ceramic knife can be cut out as thin as paper meat, ceramic knife has a strong hardness and wear resistance, do not need sharpening knife.Resist food oxidation, keep the original taste and flavor of ceramic knife will not have chemical reaction with any food, maintain the original flavor of food, let you experience the enjoyment of delicious food.Ceramic knife is suitable for cutting raw fish, fruits, vegetables, boneless meat and cooked food.
  Intimate design, the handle of freely wielded ceramic knife is carefully designed according to human body engineering, not only considering the action and strength when cutting vegetables, but also realizing the curve and stability of the shape of the handle, which makes the operation center of gravity stable and freely cut food.
  The knife that can lock food nutrition when using ceramic knife to cut carnivorous piece, we can be surprised to discover, gravy won"t flow out, this is because ceramic knife is both thin and sharp, so in the process of cutting food won"t compress the flesh texture of the meat, retained the nutrition of food.We use it to cut the fruit with rich fruit juice when the effect is better, it lets us be able to enjoy the delicious food with rich nutrition everyday.
  No rust, will not send out metal ion ceramic knife excellent non-metallic, so that it has the characteristics of no rust, we do not have to worry about residual water stains will make the blade body rust.It allows you to enjoy the original taste of food.
Rest assured to cut Onions and other stimulating food more people like to eat Onions, but afraid to cut Onions, cut vegetables people"s eyes often tears.Now, you don"t need to cry over Onions anymore, because when you use a ceramic knife to cut Onions, it won"t irritate your eyes with onion juice, so you can enjoy your favorite food.
  Health and environmental protection ceramic knife can be resistant to a variety of acid and alkali organic matter, will not be fruits and vegetables in the acid and oil corrosion, no oxidation, no rust, is the ideal environmental protection and health tool.No matter what you use to cut, there will be no food smell left on the knife, nor will there be any smell.
  Fine and light, enjoy the fun of the kitchen ceramic knives have fine and light body.Compared with ordinary metal tools, ceramic tools in the use of the process will be easy and handy, even if the processing of difficult cutting work is still the performance of the blade.